• Sharing the outcomes of researches and studies through the use of various means of publication,
  • Ensuring that the right information is accessible by organizing national and international conferences, symposia, seminars, and open sessions for the public, the private sector and for end users,
  • Providing scholarships, books, teaching and research materials within their means for the individuals working in fire prevention and fire safety, and for firefighters,
  • Cooperating with Turkish and international fire brigades, professional organizations, public or private institutions in compliance with its objectives,
  • Preparing implementation standards and regulations, manuals and implementation guidelines in line with national and international standards, regulations and implementation principles in fire protection and fire training, publishing and sharing such materials,
  • Supporting the activities required for the implementation of standards applicable in the country in fire protection,
  • Providing information and guidance for the public and users on all matters related to fire protection,
  • Ensuring that correct information is accessible through efforts to prevent misleading news and guidance,
  • Identifying the problems of the industry, including the companies carrying out fire-related operations, and looking for solutions for the elimination thereof,
  • Carrying out activities to equip the industry and the public with information on the standards, rules and specifications in effect, and ensuring that they are implemented,
  • Following the regulations in place such as laws, decrees, specifications, regulations, communiqués, development plans and programs etc. which will ensure the development of the industry both in domestic and international markets, and conveying to the relevant authorities the views and proposals from the industry on such matters,
  • Organizing activities to expand the knowledge and experiences of the members, and of member organizations,
  • Creating a common working ground by engaging with organizations and associations from whose works benefits will be obtained,
  • Keeping up to date with international science and technology related developments, inviting members of such organizations to Turkey and sharing international technical developments with relevant institutions, members, and with the public,
  • Creating a platform with Non-Governmental Organizations (Foundations, Trade Unions, Initiatives, etc.) which operate in line with the purpose of establishment with a view to attain common goals, and with the decisions of its competent bodies,

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