Fire Safety in Houses Panel-Forum

Although individual, institution and organization works in the field of fire and fire safety are all valuable separately, it will bring the works of individuals, institutions and organizations together and combine them on the same basis in order to make the work more effective; It is a vital need to initiate, develop and maintain a system that will protect our city and ensure the safety of its inhabitants.
With this understanding of duty and responsibility, in order to lay the foundations to meet this need, TMMOB Chamber of Electrical Engineers Istanbul Branch, TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Istanbul Branch, Turkish Fire Protection and Education Foundation and Association (TUYAK) related universities, public institutions and organizations, private organizations and Components from voluntary community organizations came together.
Components, in the “Fire Protection Week”, with an event that touched the public; Our colleagues and the public are invited to the “Fire Safety Panel/Forum in Residences“, which aims to bring fire and fire safety to the forefront of the agenda, to raise awareness and raise awareness among our colleagues and the public on pre-fire, moment of fire and post-fire fire safety.

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