Third of TÜYAK Training Seminars Held on “Gas Extinguishing Systems”

The seminar with high participation started with the opening speech of Hikmet Akın, President of TÜYAK Foundation. The seminar proceeding under the chairmanship of Gökhan Aktaş, Mr. Simantov Pozanti(3M) “NOVEC Gas Extinguishing Systems” and Mr. Following İsmail Turanlı’s (Norm Teknik) “Comparison of Chemical and Inert Gas Extinguishing Systems” presentation, it ended with the answers given to the questions and answers from the hall.
The fourth of the TÜYAK training seminars, which will continue throughout the winter term, will be held on Saturday, January 21, 2017, on the subject of “Water Mist Extinguishing Systems”.
We invite all components of the sector to training seminars in order to increase knowledge sharing and contribute to the common denominator, and we hope that the new year will bring innovation, hope and profit to the fire protection sector.
See you at the “Water Mist Extinguishing Systems” seminar on Saturday, January 21, 2016…

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