Deadline for abstract submission: May 15, 2023


1. General
  1. In any part of the paper, the name, logo or any other specification of a commercial body, should not be mentioned.
  2. Report owners are required to install own paper on abstractagent page until May  15, 2023.
  3. Papers should be presented in MS Word for Windows computer program format.
  4. Papers will be sent over the internet via the abstractagent address.

2.1 General Criteria

Papers should have the parts as Abstract (maximum 250 words), Summary, Conclusion, References, and Brief Curriculum Vitae. The numbering of the topics is left up to the writer.

After the main heading, two empty lines should be left (as big as the size of the heading) blank, and the full name of the writer should be placed in the third line. For the papers with numerous writers, the full names of the writers should be placed one after the other. After the full name(s) of the writer(s), five lines should be left blank, and the Abstract should start from the sixth line. Main topic headings e.g. Conclusion, References, Brief Curriculum Vitae, etc should start after leaving four lines blank from the previous paragraph and start from the fifth line. The sub-headings should start from the third line, after leaving two blank lines from the previous paragraph.

The location of figures, tables, graphics, pictures and formulations should be placed within the paper, and they should be referred to. They should not be given as attachment to the paper.

2.2 Paper Format

The paper format should be according to A4 norm paper (210x297mm), with blank spaces 30 mm from the top, 30 mm from the bottom, and 25 mm from left and right.

2.3 Format of Headings and Text
  1. The main heading of the paper should be Arial, size 16, bold, with capital letters and centered on the page.
  2. The headings for the Abstract, Summary, Conclusion, References, Brief Curriculum Vitae and other similar headings, should be Arial, size 10, bold, with capital letters and aligned from the left.
  3. Sub-headings should be in Arial, size 10, bold, first letters with capital letters and aligned from the left.
  4. The paragraphs should be in Arial, size 10, justified from left and right. Line spacing should be adjusted as single for the whole paper.
  5. There should not be indents for the paragraphs, and one blank line should be left between paragraphs.
  6. Whenever itemizing is required, same type of bullet or numbering should be used for all.
2.4 Format of the Figures, Pictures, Tables, Formulations and Graphics

All the figures that will be used in the text of the paper should be prepared in computer environment-either drawn with a suitable software program or scanned- and added into the text.

In case the figures may not be prepared in computer environment, they should be drawn according to the international technical drawing standards or if the photocopies will be used, they should be in high quality.

The figures that may be sent separately from the text should be numbered properly, and their explanations should be placed with the figures. Where these figures should be inserted, must also be marked in the text itself.

The language of the figures, pictures and tables should be the same as the language of the paper.

In writing of the complex formulations, “Equation Editor” should be used. Formulation numbers should be put in parenthesis and all aligned from the right.

2.5. Arrangement of References and Brief Curriculum Vitae

References should be stated under ‘References’ title, not in the text. The format of the References should be as follows:

For Books;
[Ref.No] SURNAME, Name (as initials),”Name of the Book”, Publisher, Publishing Year

For Magazines;
[Ref.No] Writer’s SURNAME, Name (as initials), Name of the Article, Name of the Magazine, No, Page No, Publishing

The Brief Curriculum Vitae of the writer of the paper, will be situated at the very end of the text.

The abstracts will be sent online via “abstractagent” available on the website  During the delivery, for your questions and technical support, you may contact “ETIX EVENTS” through the phone number (+90 216) 360 59 33 or via e-mail address   

The papers will be accepted only through the conference website and online. The papers delivered via fax or e-mail will not be accepted. The authors will automatically be directed through the system while delivering the abstracts.

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