Approximately 3000 people attended TUYAK 2021.

The theme of the symposium was “Design, Application and Operation in Fire Engineering”.  

International Fire Safety Symposium and Exhibition – TUYAK 2021

It was held for the seventh time between March 31 and April 2, 2022, hosted by TÜYAK-Turkish Fire Protection and Education Foundation and Fire Protection Association. Approximately 3 thousand people visited TÜYAK 2021 – International Fire and Security Symposium and Exhibition.

 52 academicians, scientists and fire experts discussed the topics of “Design, Application and Management in Fire Engineering” in 9 sessions, 3 training seminars, panels and forums.

TÜYAK 2021 International Fire and Security Symposium and Exhibition, TÜYAK Foundation Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors and TÜYAK 2021 International Fire and Security Symposium and Exhibition, Symposium Executive Board Chairman Dr. It started with the opening ceremony held after the opening speeches of Kazım Beceren and TÜYAK Chairman of the Board Taner Kaboğlu.

TÜYAK 2021 Executive Board Chairman Dr. Kazim Beceren;

“As the symposium committee, the meetings we had with you about the postponement process and the face-to-face meeting of our Symposium and your feedback helped us to understand that this was the right decision.”

“The founder-Honorary President of TÜYAK Foundation and its association, Prof. Dr. He once again expressed that the first symposium held without Abdurrahman Kılıç was difficult but at the same time aimed to further the work of our Hodja and to be beneficial to the sector, and how much effort our Hodja put into improving fire safety in our country. We commemorate our teacher with mercy, may he sleep in lights.

“The purpose of the symposium; Increasing information sharing among the sector employees working on fire safety, contractors, material suppliers, material producers, insurance experts, consultants, building and facility operators, ministries, municipalities and fire department, which are authorized approval authorities, in short, ensuring that they meet each other, discussing research results, is to convey the developments through notifications. In order to ensure life safety and fire safety, it is necessary to design, install and operate in accordance with regulations and standards. As you know, it is necessary to separate the arms of the fire triangle from each other in order to prevent the occurrence of fire. If you separate the combustible material, the oxygen or the heat source from the triangle, you will prevent the fire from occurring. In order for you to be successful in providing fire safety and life safety, contrary to the fire triangle, it is necessary to keep the Design, Application and Operation, which is the theme of this symposium, together, if one of the legs of this triangle is missing, it will create weakness.

Afterwards, TÜYAK Foundation and Association President Taner Kaboğlu took the floor;

Emphasizing that it is good to be together again in these days when the effects of the pandemic, which has been going on for about 2 years, have diminished, Mr. Kaboğlu said: Dr. He commemorated Abdurrahman Kılıç once again and offered his gratitude. He talked about the innovations related to the symposium, the works of the foundation and the association, and thanked all the sponsors who are the components of the sector.

In the symposium, which continued with sessions following the opening, 52 academics, scientists and fire experts discussed fire safety in 9 separate sessions, panels and forums. Simultaneously with the symposium, on March 31 – April 2, 2022, “Examples of design, maintenance and application of hood extinguishing systems” by Mr. Alican Kabataş, Mr. Dr. The courses titled “Fire Safety in Architectural Design” by Gökhan Balık and “Basic training on automatic sprinkler systems design according to NFPA 13 Standard” given by Mr. Bora Kocaman were successfully carried out.

Priority was given to the papers prepared on “Design, Implementation and Operation in Fire Safety“, which was determined as the main theme of the symposium, which was held with the participation of the leading companies and names of the sector. Technical presentations were made in a single hall on the first and third days, and in two parallel halls on the second day in the meetings, which attracted great interest from Turkey and abroad. The full texts of the presented papers were given to the participants with the flash memory in the bag specially prepared for the symposium. Thus, it was possible to examine and learn about the papers of interest in more detail.

A total of 27 papers were included in the symposium. In addition, in the panel held within the scope of the symposium, the problems related to the Forest Fires, which destroyed our national resources last year, and the measures to be taken and their positive/negative effects were discussed.

In the forum on the “Regulation on the Protection of Buildings from Fire” held on the third day of the symposium, the problems encountered in the implementation of the regulation were discussed with architects, designers, contractors, building and facility business representatives, ministry officials who are authorized to give approval, municipalities, fire departments, consultants, and insurance experts. was brought.

The symposium brought together researchers, designers and practitioners working on fire safety, enabling them to meet, discuss and exchange information.

At TUYAK 2021, which was held at the Lütfi Kırdar Conference Center – Rumeli Hall with the organization of Etix Events between March 31 and April 02, 2022, companies exhibiting the latest fire safety solutions in the field of fire safety had the chance to create new business opportunities. Three thousand people visited TÜYAK 2021 for three days and had the opportunity to visit the stands of national and international companies in the exhibition area.

See you in 2023

Held on the third day of the Symposium, where the “Regulations on the Protection of Buildings from Fire”, which has become a tradition, were discussed, the chairmanship of the TÜYAK 2021 Executive Board Mr. Dr. In the forum organized by Kazım Beceren, information was exchanged with the participants by discussing the problems encountered in the regulations and implementations and what needs to be done.

The seventh TÜYAK Fire and Security Symposium and Exhibition, which brought together experts working on fire safety from both the private sector and public institutions and organizations, was an important platform where problems and solutions were discussed, and the symposium concluded with the hope that it would contribute to the sector.

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