• To ensure that scientific and technological researches are conducted in order to educate the society about fire safety,
  • To prepare technical publications in order to train public and private organizations’ staff members in fire protection and fire extinguishing, and to ensure that the resources that have been prepared are shared,
  • To ensure that training facilities and fire brigade schools are opened for the public to receive fire training
  • To ensure, or to assist in, the development of fire prevention systems, standards, and devices by engaging with public institutions and scientific organizations.
  • To help with the provision of fire safety for cultural assets such as palaces, libraries, national archives, and historical foundations to the extent possible.
  • To build, or help build, laboratories, testing stations, and similar facilities related to fire prevention and fire protection,
  • To minimize loss of lives and property caused by fires in the country through the use of accurate information and resources,
  • To ensure that the public is educated on fire safety.

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